Monday, January 4, 2010

This is what Christmas Looks Like!

Christmas this year was a big flurry of activity!

My 'lil bro married an awesome girl the Tuesday before Christmas in a gorgeous ceremony all befitting of Holiday Wonder. Unfortunately, I didn't take a camera, and I was also on Grandparent patrol making sure that my Grandparents were seated in the right place and not talking at their normal level of sound to disrupt the ceremony, so I have no pics to post as of yet.

Here's one of the happy couple that was taken earlier this year. I'm soooooo excited to have a sister in law!!
We were in Hickory from Monday - Saturday, so we had some time to spend with good friends, some time to spend hanging with Nana and Papaw, and then Mr. Santa Claus paid a visit to Finley and Maggie on Christmas morning!
Even though Baby Fin is not quite 4 months old, I used that whole "First Christmas" motto to death! Big personalized stocking with tons of crap in there that she'll never use.... Loads of toys that she can't play with until she's walking or at a minimum balancing on 2 feet. I even baked Cookies for Santa and penned a note for the guy on behalf of Mags and Fin. (That will be something for the baby keepsake book) Michael thought I was half-cocked when I made him help me drag out all the toys and goodies late Christmas Eve night and set them up for a photo op so Fin can remember what she saw when she woke up her "First Christmas Morning"! Um, yeah, not even 4 months old.

So, without further delay - this is what Christmas looks like!
I think Doodlebug was pleased by the look on her face!
Wow- I can't wait for next year when she really knows whats up and can tear into those presents like theres no tomorrow!

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MrsBlueberry said...

Too cute Tonya! Luke got spoiled by Santa this year too even though he cared more about tearing up paper than anything under the tree. Isn't is so much fun though?

And congrats to your brother and new sister-in-law! :)