Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Missing in Action?

Where have the Martins been? Missing in Action you say?

We're here, but we've been just a tad busy with this new little baby that we brought home a couple of months ago. Miss Finley Claire Martin was born on Friday, Sept. 4th at 5:13 in the afternoon. Weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs and 4oz. (Not bad for arriving a month before her due date!)

All is well at the Martin house. Finley is getting settled in and has finally decided that she's pretty cool with sleeping through most of the night. Maggie loves Finley, and gives her all the doggy sugar she can handle. I can't wait to see the two of them grow up together - I envision lots of disasters throughout the house in the coming years. As for Michael and I, I don't know what we ever did without this precious little bundle. I'm sure whatever it was involved lots more sleeping, and alot less dirty diapers.

So anyway, now that we're in more of a routine, and since I'm being called out for my lack of blogging (thanks, Ms. Clark - I needed that) I promise to devote more time to Hickory in the House. Stay tuned for more adventures and lots of photos. I PROMISE!!!