Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gym Etiquette 101

In the spirit of having some new running shoes, I decided to take my booty to the gym today to have a little cardio session. Here's my beef...

WHO can seriously get a workout in when you are gabbing on your cell phone for 55 minutes? WHO can seriously get a workout in when the person on the elliptical machine next to you has been on their cell phone for 55 minutes????

Seriously? I've rarely been so pissed in the gym. (I mean I get pissed on a weekly basis at some of the random BS my trainer makes me do, but this took me to a whole new level of pissed off!) There I am, just randomly getting my jog on, and this chick jumps on the elliptical machine beside me and proceeds to go through her entire phone list and call everyone she knows. The conversations range from describing the loser she is dating to her "good friend's" infertility issues!! Oh my gosh! I'm sure they would remain "good friends" once this girl found out that everyone at O2 Fitness at Falls Village knew how many viable eggs she had to harvest this month!!! So, does she stop at the first 20 minute call? NO! Does she stop at the next 30 minute call?? NO!!! Does she continue talking on her cell phone after she's run everyone out of the cardio area and she walks to the locker room??? NO!!!! This beeotch is still talking!!!

I finally had enough and left - you know what? I bet she's still talking!!!

Here's my first installment of GYM ETIQUETTE 101 - Feel free to get your cardio on - but get off the effing phone first!!! GEEZ!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'll be up in the gym, working on my fitness...

Super duper excited about the new running shoes I ordered. Check them out, the Asics Gel Nimbus 10. I totally copied my gym buddy, Bentley - she's got them in blue, I ordered them in purple. I can already feel my butt getting smaller from all the running I'll be doing in these kicks!

Ladies, for all your fitness outfitting needs - check out

First time shoppers get 20% off any online order, and shipping is free on orders over $100!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I don't have a huge tolerance for BS, and I've never really been into comics, so my general overview of The Dark Knight is that I got really bored watching some dude run around in an effing bat costume.

But, I will give the caped crusader this.... Christian Bale, aka Bruce Wayne, aka Batman is HOT!! I'd like to have him come fight some crime over in my 'hood! WHOOT WHOOT!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beaudog and the Bentleys

Everyone knows the Beaudog, right? Cute little smiling lowrider of a doggie that is the superstar of all our Christmas cards and most of our parties.

Well, last week, the Beaudog had to have a tiny bit of surgery on his eye, and while he was under, they determined that most of his teeth had seen better days and needed to come out. So, if you can imagine BD's grill being even more shot up than usual...then yeah, you're getting the picture.

He's doing great, and only had to wear the lampshade for a week - but I couldn't let a photo op like this pass by.

He is so over that cone on his head and so over his momma snapping pics of this horrendous vet visit! No worries, Beaudog, that smile is still AWESOME - even without your "toofs"!

After all of our shennanigans on Friday night, we attempted to turn it down a notch for Saturday evenings activities and act our age. We met the Bentleys for dinner with Lisa's parents, who were in town from Suffolk, VA. The boys had played golf all day on Saturday and had a BLAST. Van and Sandra are so much fun and Lisa is a lucky girl to have such coolios for parents! HOLLER - Sandra and Van! We'll see ya'll on Labor Day weekend when the ECU Pirates take on the VT Hokies!

That's it for this post... we're heading to the movies to take in "The Dark Knight" - Can't Wait! Be ready for a full review of the movie tomorrow, and of course a play by play of BB10 that comes on at 9 tonight! Reality TV ROCKS!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bright Lights - Big City

Okay, so the older we get, the more we tend to stay in on Friday nights and hang out on the couch. Once in a while, we do get the hankering to act like we are back in our twenties and go out in the Bright Lights and Big City of "Raleighwood" - HOLLER!

So, with us no longer knowing where the "cool kids" hang out, we called our man about town, Brad, to give us the deets on where it's at. See below - this is why we really should stay in....

Starting out with dinner at "The Cameron"

Then, we headed to Fosters - this used to be our hotspot when we first moved to Raleigh about 7 years ago. It closed down, reopened as a swanky restaurant, closed again, and now it's back to being the college hangout it was years ago. Unfortch, we're no longer college age... check out the senior citizens.

Then, we headed to The Landmark - where it starts to get ugly....

And then for even later night.....YUMMMMMMMMMM!

Nothing like a hotdog/ corndog/ chicken tender combo right before going to bed to cap off a night out on the town!

Whew!! Tonight will definitely be a night in!