Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yep- We're still cooking that turkey!

Little Baby Girl is enjoying her place in the spotlight and has pretty much decided that she's cool hanging out in her Momma's big belly for just a little while longer!

All her labwork and monitoring look ab/fab - and if her momma could do the same then we might get an opportunity to head home and try out this bedrest thing from our very own bed!

We're still in limbo - just waiting to get more info and more opinions throughout the week so we can get a game plan in process!

Thanks so much to all of you for your prayers and thoughts and positive energy. Michael and I had no idea how many GREAT friends we were blessed to have.

We're keeping our heads up, and we'll keep you all posted on everyones status via the blog or our daily updates.

Look at it on the bright side, if this little girl comes along early and all is well, she could make an appearance at a College Football Game sooner rather than later! Courtesy of an awesome gift, Baby Girl already has a pirate outfit to wear!!! I'd say she's ready to pull those Pirates through those first tough games!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bebe today? Maybe they say!!!

Hey guys,

For those of you following the crazy saga of childbirth, Michael and I are at the hospital. We were admitted on Friday afternoon because I'm showing some high blood pressure, low platelet count, and basic signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Long story short, pre-eclampsia is a "momma" issue, not a baby issue, and the only remedy is to deliver the bambino just a tad early.

We've met with a high risk perinatal doctor, and baby girl is weighing in at just around 5 lbs. so they seem to think she's good to go if we deliver anytime over the next few days. Her heart beat is super super strong, and I've taken two rounds of steroid shots to make sure she's as completely developed as possible - and all the perinatal consults seem to think we're in great shape. We got to see a 4D photo of her, and she's cute as a button and looks just like her daddy!!! Poor child - we're gonna really need to work on that.

Right now, its strict bedrest - ummmm yeah, here at the hospital, which totally rocks, so they can constantly keep an eye on both of us. My b-day was yesterday, so we had a little party here in the Labor & Deivery Suite! Thanks so much Lisa, Stephen and Michael for the sweet b-day party that didn't get to happen! I promise to make it up to all ya'll!

We'll keep you all posted with updates via email and Hickory Holler!
Thanks so much for the prayers and positive energy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


And I'm not talking Bebe like that store at the mall where I used to be able to fit my former self into some scandalous clothing for a night out on the town!
I'm talking "BEBE" as in "Baby Girl" as in the little one coming our way in just a few short weeks!!!

Things are starting to fall into place - Theres a big crib in what used to be a really cool guest room, there's a cradle in our room that Maggie thinks belongs just to her, there's a pack and play in our living room, and a PIMPED OUT stroller in our dining room!!

We had our first baby shower on Sunday, and in a matter of a couple short hours our house has been overrun by All Things Baby!

I'll post about the shower later this week - I unfortch didn't take my camera, so the picture taking was left up to the Nana to be - so I'll have to show her how to upload them when I'm in Hickory this weekend.

Can't wait to show you all the cool new stuff we got!