Monday, November 24, 2008

All My Single Ladies!!!

Okay, so we're not really single, but we are ladies, and we love a good girls night out on the town!
So Saturday night; Leigh, Lisa and I ventured out on the scene while Michael hosted a poker game for the boys. We had such a fun, fun, fun time!

We started out with some cocktails, makeup, and hairstyling at the house - clearly, we thought we were going to the prom. (Old married ladies don't get out much) While we were getting ready, we had a dance party featuring Sasha Fierce, thus the title of this post. Watch out ya'll... we are so learning those moves and we will be breaking them out at the next event we are all at. If you're not familiar - I urge you to check Beyonce and her badness out via this link.

We started out the evening at The Rockford. Dang, I always forget about that place, and every time I go, it is always soooooo good! And soooooo cheap for such good eats! I had the grilled pimento cheese sammie with mashed potatoes as my side item. Highly recommended to all of you next time you're there.

The pretty ladies at dinner!

The pretty ladies at The Hibernian. This is where a little bit of Sasha Fierce comes out in all of us and we are starting the rally cry for "All The Single Ladies"

Here we are drinking down some red bulls and throwing up our gang sign. Some may call this a different sign, we're just idiots and that's the only sign we all knew. Shocker. HAHAHA!

Our honorary "Single Lady" - Brad! Where is Leigh-bo? Oop! There she is!

I love how excited Brad looks to be hanging with us. Maybe that's why he wouldn't let us come back to his house for late night! Whats up with that, Brad!? I think he had clearly had enough of those red-bull drinking "single ladies"...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Trendy New Look for Hickory Holler?

So, I was bored with the way the blog was looking. It was kinda sad and didn't have much Pizazz (insert jazz hands here)

Any thoughts or feedback on the new look? I'm digging it....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blue Monday...

Why so blue? Cause my dang husband is in VEGAS, and I'm in Raleigh!! Yes, I know he's there for work, but still! What kind of "business trip" is a 7 day trip to Las Vegas?

Watch out, Vegas... cause next year Mr. Martin's "assistant" is going too!