Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Cookie Time!

Does anyone remember that movie from the late 80's, early 90's "Troop Beverly Hills" where Shelly Long is the girl scout leader to a group of spoiled little Tori Spellings and they are competing to be the best troop there is and they are in the middle of Rodeo Drive pimping girl scout cookies like it's their J-O-B??!! No?? Well, I swear, I think of that movie and the song they were singing everytime I hear that it's girl scout cookie time!!

ANYWAY - It's cookie time, and the girl scout cookie ordering process sure has changed since I was a girl scout. Did anyone else get a hangtag on their door over the weekend to place an order? WHAT? A freaking hangtag? With a contact number to call and place your order? What happened to wearing that sweet little girl scout outfit and walking door to door with that big order form and guilting your neighbors into buying boxes of cookies? DANG, I love me some gs cookies, but I refuse to call a random phone number for some random girl and give her the sale. I'll wait until I'm accosted by the little boogers out in the Harris Teeter parking lot!


Heather said...

WORD! I worked hard for my cookie orders when I was a girl scout! I don't blame you for waiting till you see them in the Teeter parking lot. I'd do the same!

MrsBlueberry said...

Dude-how may as well be ordering them online in that case...which I wouldn't be surprised if they had that option too!

Anonymous said...

I used to be in boy scouts but they kicked me out...I caught caught eating a brownie!!!